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    Workers’ Compensation

    Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of the workers’ compensation system

    We represent injured workers before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board in order to assist in navigating through the workers’ compensation system and maximizing benefits to which they are entitled under the California Labor Code. Injured workers are entitled to various types of benefits, including temporary disability, permanent disability, medical treatment, and Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits. It is important to consult with a competent and experienced attorney early in the case. This ensures that you have the best chance of recovering benefits and maximizing the value of your case. We handle cases for all injured workers, including:
    • School District Employees
    • Construction Workers
    • Union Members
    • Law Enforcement
    • Fire Department
    • Aerospace
    • Utility Workers
    Workers’ compensation benefits are intended to provide both monetary compensation and medical benefits to employees who are injured in the course of employment. Obtaining the benefits to which you are entitled is not always a simple process. Our goal is to help you with this process and get you on the road to recovery.
    Our office can assist in obtaining benefits, including temporary disability, wage replacement, salary continuation, permanent disability, medical treatment, and supplemental job displacement benefits.

    Repetitive Work Injuries

    Injuries are not always caused by a specific incident. An injury is often caused by ongoing, repetitive work activities. Some of the many examples of this type of injury are: back injuries (often due to heavy lifting); hand/wrist injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome (frequently due to typing or other motions of the upper extremities); shoulder injuries (frequently due to overhead lifting and other activities); hearing loss; and many others. Your injury may also be caused by a combination of a specific incident and cumulative trauma. We have extensive experience in evaluating claims to determine the proper way to allege the injury.

    Denied Claims

    Insurance companies and/or employers will often initially deny a claim. Obtaining competent and experienced legal representation early in your claim can assist in resolving the dispute regarding the compensability of your claim, and ensure that you receive benefits to which you are entitled under the workers’ compensation system.

    Automobile Accidents (While On The Job)

    If you are involved in an automobile accident while you are working, then you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. While an automobile accident is typically covered by a third-party claim, the rules are different when you were working, or doing errands for your employer, at the time of the accident. It is important that you discuss the incident with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, in order to evaluate the case and maximize the benefits you receive.

    Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Cases

    Some employers require that their employees participate in the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process in the event of a work injury. If this is the case, then you will not be able to file a case with the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board. However, it is important to realize that this does not mean that you cannot retain an attorney to represent you. Our office has experience with handling ADR cases and can assist with obtaining a favorable outcome.


    If you have been injured while working at a construction site, any resulting legal claim may be affected by workers’ compensation laws, depending on your employment situation and the extent to which your employer is responsible for your injuries.

    No consultation fee

    Fees are determined by the workers’ compensation appeals court.